Multi-Unit Operators assume you’ve done your homework.

Multi-Unit Operators assume you’ve done your homework. A Generic sales approach does not work.

FRANdata’s Franchisee Playbooks Solution provides actionable insights to help you effectively sell to specifically identified franchisee targets. Whether you’re targeting franchising as a supplier or aiming to jumpstart your franchise development, having the right insight can make all the difference. Let’s explore how this solution empowers your sales and marketing strategies.


What Are Franchisee Playbooks?

Franchisee playbooks contain in-depth information on franchisees and their operations. They help drive effective sales and marketing by providing access to actionable insights. Instead of spending time looking for information, you can focus on selling your solution.


Key Features

Targeted Insights
FRANdata works with you to pinpoint your ideal franchisee targets. Each playbook provides customized information on multi-unit franchisees, including management/key decision-makers, business operations, portfolio of brands, and unit ownership.
Verified Database
The most comprehensive franchise database and contact list is available to you. It covers franchised unit locations across various industries, owned by franchisees who enrich the brand with diverse backgrounds.
Franchisee Rankings
Understand where franchisees rank within the system.For example, Dominos franchisees vary in units owned, commitment to the brand, and early adoption of innovative initiatives


Brand Franchisee Highlights

Dunkin’ Donut Franchisees

Domino’s Franchisees


FRANdata’s Franchisee Playbooks Solution empowers your sales and marketing efforts by providing targeted insights into franchisees. Whether you’re interested in Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s, or Planet Fitness franchisees, these playbooks offer actionable information to help you succeed in the franchising industry.

Hand Pick Your Best Prospects

Franchise Multi-Metrics API Feed

The Franchise Multi-Metric API is a robust data set designed to provide comprehensive insights into the performance and operations of all franchise brands in the United States. This API offers a diverse range of key metrics, including average unit revenue, system size by geography, key executive information, initial investment and more. It enables users to append or verify current data with the most validated franchise information in the industry. This API empowers businesses to optimize resource allocation, refine marketing strategies, and make informed decisions for growth and operational efficiency.

FRANdata Provides Crucial Franchisee Linkages

Why FRANdata?

We are not a “big-data” farm, we are a market research company. We don’t deal with massive amounts of generic data. Every piece of information passes through a FRANdata analyst who is able to uncover nuances that software just can’t detect. FRANdata understands the multitude of interconnections associated with franchise ownership and when you work with us so will you.

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