2018 Economic Forecast

Blueprint for Franchise Growth

We are closing in on the second longest recovery in modern times. Each day that goes by puts us much closer to the end than the beginning of the current economic expansion cycle and there are increasing signs that change is coming. Uncertainty comes in many forms and having better information with which to base your strategic plan and 2018 budget will lead you closer to your desired outcomes and help you sleep more soundly at night. Why not ask your research department to help you? You have one – FRANdata.

Every planning effort has key assumptions that are critical to success.  FRANdata is in the central nervous system of the franchise business model –we know what every brand does, how well they do it, how economic change has affected them, and how they are adapting.

Will the economy give your plans some lift or is the Trump bump likely to slump? We hope you find FRANdata’s recently updated analysis of economic trends affecting franchising helpful. Download the report to find out more.


3 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Plan for 2018

  • Are your growth plans consistent with an economy in transition?
  • Are your operating expenses in balance with your changing system?
  • Will your franchisees have access to low cost capital?



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